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The harsh reality

Social media turned against you

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The Attention Economy

The idea behind the “Attention Economy” is simple. Users gain access to certain services in exchange for their time, data, and privacy.

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The right to Privacy

Who owns the right to your private life? In the current social media landscape, privacy is a premium that users must take extreme measures to protect.


Mental health

The race for attention leaves users feeling inadequate, lonely, and addicted to platforms that exploit users, in exchange for being connected.

Our Vision

The Landscape

Like many of you, we have come to a rude awakening that something is rotten in our digital social lives. In the last two decades, social media has gone from something unimaginable to an integrated part of our daily lives. But the technology that has promised to keep us together now seems to be pulling us further apart. 

It's no secret that social media competes for your time, data, and privacy. This is not simply a result of evil corporations with ill intentions but because social platforms profit from absorbing as much attention from you as possible.

The Attention Economy

As big tech competes for market dominance, users compete for attention from other users to gain likes, views, and followers. This kind of shallow attention is today the primary social currency users receive in exchange for their time, data, and privacy.

The "Attention Economy" has left us with constant interruptions and precisely-targeted distractions, taking a toll on our ability to think, focus, solve problems, and be present with each other. We fear this tendency threatens the ability to reflect an authentic you. So we want to challenge this status quo and refuse to enter the competition on those terms.

Restoring Trust

Intree is built on the idea that the fabric of our relations is based on trust. Trust allows people to be authentic and deepen meaningful relations.

Unfortunately, the competition for attention has become a numbers game that incentivises users and companies to adopt shallow and superficial behavior to attract more attention and expand the reach of their network.

Instead, we propose that it is more valuable to deepen your relations through trust and contributing instead of just adding another to the list.

Mental health

We are beginning to understand human behavior on social platforms using applied neuroscience. Basic statistics point to the overwhelming fact that social media is causing invisible harm to society.

We still don't know how much it impacts us, as we are among the first generations going through this massive shift in global interconnectedness.

As a young company, we have experienced firsthand the skyrocketing rates of depression, loneliness, and social media addiction.

Social media offers many beautiful experiences and ways to enhance and share your life, but pursuing social currency must not begin to overtake one's life. There is no easy fix for this issue. But it has been a clear idea for us that users should have the sovereign right over their data, time, and privacy.

"Our vision is that digital social currency should reflect real life values"

By removing ads, likes, and views from our platform, we are striving to maintain a pollution-free digital environment. This is not just a nice feature but a way to unlock an entirely new way of thinking about social platforms. Without ads, we have no incentive to maximise your time on the platform. Instead, we want to empower your ability to create new relations and contribute and share your authentic selves.

To sum up

Social relations can improve lives, society, and culture, and technology can help us achieve this. But we must learn from the harm that exploiting human psychology for profit causes to individuals and societies. We have begun to lose hope that the current landscape of big tech companies can or is willing to change.

We want to act now and take responsibility for future generations, and we want you to join us on this journey. We want to be confident that we can promise a better way forward- the reality is that we can't. But we promise to wake up each morning and work hard towards our vision of a world where social currency is based on trust. 

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