Social media turned against you.

The Harsh Reality

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The Attention Economy

The "Attention Economy" is based on a simple principle—users pay for services in exchange for their data, time, and privacy.

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The right to Privacy

Who owns the right to your private life? In today's social media landscape, users must take extreme measures to protect their privacy.


Superficial environment

The pursuit of attention leaves users feeling inadequate, lonely, and addicted to platforms that exploit them in return for a sense of connection.

Our Vision

We envision a world where privacy is the standard so people can be authentic and trust can emerge

The Landscape

Over the last two decades, social media has transformed from a revolutionary idea to an integral part of daily life. However, the technology meant to unite us now pushes us further apart.

The Attention Economy

As tech giants vie for market dominance, users compete for attention by seeking likes, views, and followers. But unfortunately, this superficial social currency is exchanged for users' time, data, and privacy.

Privacy as a Standard

Social media began with the promise of connecting people. But as users eagerly shared their lives, big tech monetised their data, sacrificing privacy and user experience. Privacy should be standard, both in terms of personal data and platform design.

Fostering Authenticity

Social media platforms have gradually transformed into entertainment platforms, encouraging users to become micro-influencers. Unfortunately, this attention-driven competition discourages authenticity and negatively impacts well-being. Making privacy, the standard eliminates the incentive to vie for attention.

Restoring Trust

Intree is built on the belief that trust is the foundation of our relationships. However, trust is fragile and can only thrive when people are authentic towards each other. By promoting privacy, we enable users to share their authentic selves, allowing trust to flourish comfortably.

A Better Way Forward

As a young company, we've witnessed the rise of depression, loneliness, and social media addiction. Overwhelming evidence suggests that current social media practices harm individuals and society.

We have lost hope that the current landscape of big tech can or is willing to change. Therefore we have decided to act. By promoting privacy, authenticity, and trust through innovative features, Intree sets itself apart from other social media platforms.

By removing ads, likes, and views from our platform, we aim to create a pollution-free digital environment. This innovative approach reimagines the purpose of social media, prioritising deep relations and authenticity over maximising user engagement.

We're committed to working tirelessly towards our vision of a world where privacy is standard so that people can be authentic and trust can emerge for the benefit of future generations.

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