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A platform for you and close relations

We fixed social media

Intree is ad-free, data friendly and completely private

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Claim control of your data, time & privacy

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Using Intree, you will never see an ad. Being ad-free is not just a nice feature; it unlocks an entirely new way of thinking about social platforms. Without ads, we have no incentive to coerce you into maximizing your time on the platform.

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Escaping the attention economy

Intree has no likes, followers & views. Social success and status should not be a numbers game based on superficial attention. Instead, your social currency should reflect real-life values and trust.

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Closed environment

You deserve privacy; therefore, new relations are only formed through personal invites and introductions. This ensures that everyone in your network is someone you know and trust. No one can look you up or send unwanted messages.

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Your data belongs to you

Many of us have a protective instinct when it comes to our data. After all, it's ours. Why should someone else profit from it? Our promise: We will never sell your data.

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Privacy by design

At Intree, we are constantly seeking new ways to extend encryption possibilities to all aspects of our platform.

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Notifications that matter

Notifications should come from people you know, not from us. This way, when you get a notification, you'll know it matters.

Core features


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Bring people together.

Transfer trust with a simple swipe. With Intree, you can bring people together by introducing contacts to each other. You will be asked to accept the introduction before you can chat.


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Be all of you.

We all have many social circles in our lives: friends, family, work & hobbies. With Aspects, we made it seamless to show and share pieces of yourself when and where it matters.


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Contribute to your network

With Treets, you can create any offer, share it with people, and get notified when it is redeemed. Make good use of your social capital by exploring what your network has to offer.


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Decide who to let in

A personal invite from you or an Introduction from a friend is the only way to be connected. Intree doesn't import contacts from other services because we believe a fresh start is a blessing.

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