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Intree is a closed platform for your trusted relations

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The principles

Closed social media

Intree is a closed platform. Why?
Because networking is not about adding quick new connections. Instead, it’s about knowing your social capital and extending your network through introductions.


Intree is a clean and focused environment free from the clutter and noise of traditional social media platforms. Your time is valuable; nobody should waste it on distractions.


Intree has no ads. This unlocks a whole new way of thinking about social media. Without ads, we have no reason to maximise your time on the platform. Instead, we can focus on creating the best possible user experience.


Intree respects your data and pledges never to sell it to third parties. We prioritise privacy and protecting your personal information.

Meaningful interactions

Intree removes the superficial and disturbing elements of likes, followers, and views, enabling you to share and engage with others without the influence of social validation.

Core Features


Onboard relations

On Intree, you can't look up other users. To add a relation, simply invite them using your preferred method.


Master your tone of voice

Create multiple Aspects to reflect yourself from different sides and selectively share posts with specific relations.


Transfer trust

Master the art of bringing people together and eliminate the awkwardness of group chats and never-ending email threads with Introductions.


Know your social capital

Manage your relations, open or close Aspects and share Treets.


Manage exclusive advantages

Treets make it a breeze to quickly and conveniently offer real-life value to your network.

The Feed

No pollution

No ads or distractions— Posts come only from your trusted relations, ensuring a more meaningful social media experience.


Simple communication

Stay in touch anytime, anywhere with Intree messaging

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