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Rebuild your private network

Claim privacy, control &
meaningful interactions

Intree is a distraction-free environment designed to manage trusted relations while being mindful of your time. Navigate multiple networks for every aspect of yourself in a private matter. 

Launching summer 2022


Is social media even social?

Social networking platforms play a fundamental role in our everyday lives. However, they are created to consume as much time as possible.

The equation is simple. We spend time and the platform sells advertisements. 

The Result?

The side effects are many: Unwanted friend requests, ’likes’ have become the social currency, you receive notifications of comments made by people you don’t even know, random alerts about people that posted for the first time, online stalkers, bullying, icons showing if a comment has been read. All of it to make you stay longer.


It counteracts everything these platforms promised us in the first place - to connect us with people.

We want to change that with Intree.




Privacy matters

Intree is a private and distraction-free platform.
Say goodbye to unwanted “connections” & rebuild your network through personal invites or introductions from friends.

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Know your social capital

We believe a strong network consists of trusted and meaningful relations. The average human brain can't maintain more than 150 relationships. Intree creates the foundation for you to build a quality network.

One person, Multiple networks

Reflect different aspects of yourself, whether it's a hobby, work, or a side hustle. Rooms are the perfect way to share information with your private networks and stay in control all the way.

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